Garage Getter Done!


Garage got you down?

I have spent a lot of time in Europe. I feel pretty blessed to have done so.

The people that I have spent time with that have travel to the US have told me that they’re fascinated by Americans. Apparently we are one of the only cultures on earth that builds garage is but only keeps stuff in them and not any cars.

I have often laugh that when they ask if I actually park my car is in my own garage.

I guess back then I decided that I probably should try to park my car is in the garage since it is their home.

Without knowing it I secretively committed myself to making sure that I don’t just accumulate junk and keep it in the garage while my expensive car is rust on the outside of my house.

So, today I am committed to rearranging my garage so that I can actually get all of the cars inside.

With that comes quite a bit of planning.

Most of what makes a garage look chaotic is the fact that we store so many things on the floor.

From my old OR days that is working in the operating room, I remember our concepts presented by a very successful company.

Their concept centered around the idea of getting up everything up off the floor.

They said if you can get everything up off the floor then you can turn the room much faster. What they did was they established these very large boom arms and put all of the equipment on them. That enabled the staff to move the boom arms to any position so that they could clean/mop underneath.

It was a great concept rather than moving everything around the room that was on wheels.

With their concept you could actually move things while you were mopping.

Okay, so back to the garage. My goal is to be able to get everything up off the floor.

This involves installing hooks and putting together storage shelves.

I also plan to have lots of bins that are marked for categorical things.

The categories are as follows:
(The tools have to have subcategories like inside tools gardening tools and contracting tools.). I may not use all of the tools every day. For instance my big saws need to be in one place that maybe aren’t quite as accessible as a simple hammer or screwdriver. So I intend on making some areas more accessible. One way to do this is to stack the equipment that is used less often either on the lowest shelf or the highest shelf depending on weight. The things that I need more easily and readily must be on eye-level shelves.

Recreational equipment should all be together. For example sports equipment basketballs footballs frisbees and the like I should be altogether. Likewise camping equipment should all be categorically put together as well.

Then there is automotive items. These will have to all be together as well. They also must be readily accessible since washing the cars is a weekly task.

For the kids I must segregate an area for them to be able to access their bicycles and scooters.

If I decide to hang them I must hang low enough that they can take them off the wall.

I am considering hanging device that I use when I travel with the kids. It’s a rooftop carrier. While it makes traveling really easy it is very big and bulky.

I believe that if I find some studs, I will be able to hang this pretty easily. I don’t like the idea of something large hanging from the ceiling that might fall down onto the vehicles. But, I will figure out a way to get it up off the floor.

I just returned from Home Depot where I bought some shelving systems. For roughly $39 I was able to get heavy duty plastic shelves that look like they will be able to be assembled very easily.

The next step is to move the car is out and everything out of the garage so that I can begin putting them back in categorically.

I also want to take that time to clean the floors.

Wish me luck I’ll let you know how it goes.

So a couple of things that I ran into that were a little bit hard to plan around where the following. First, I have an old washing machine. Well, it’s not old, but it is in my garage and I have been keeping it as a backup just in case mine fails.

I definitely realize that I can’t get that up off the ground. So the next best option was to try to hang things above it. I also try to put it in the corner where it really wouldn’t matter that it’s there.

But at the end of the day it’s pretty hard to hide a washing machine.

Also I have a lot of cords so winding them up took a little while. Now they are safely hanging though and easily accessible. The other issue I ran into was the lawnmower.

I currently have lawn service so I really don’t use the lawnmower. However, I don’t really want to sell the lawnmower because I’m not sure if I might end up using it in the future.

It’s simply too nice of a lawnmower to give up.

It is a push lawnmower so I figured I can hang it on the wall. I needed to make sure that the hooks were industrial strength and could handle the weight.

I realize that hardware stores do this sort of thing all the time. So I found some industrial hooks that work. The key to that is making sure that you have a drill bit that can drill into concrete and will create a hole to put your anchors in.

Overall the garage job was a success. It worked out great and I have to say that the Takeaway feeling of everything being in its place is just fantastic.

I can get all of my cars in the garage now and I know where everything is.

Honestly I had not organize the garage since we moved in. So, I found a few things that I had been looking for for quite a while.

I am so glad that I spent the Sunday reorganizing and cleaning my garage.

Now it is Time for my favorite beverage wink wink.